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Film Review: Pet Sematary

The 2019 Pet Sematary remake deviates wildly from previous iterations, but the fable remains the same: let sleeping cats lie. Directed by the relatively green duo of Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer and starring familiars like Jason Clark, Amy Seimetz, and John Lithgow, the film touts few impressive scares, but wins points for its ultra-eerie and unsettling ambience. Minor spoilers ahead…

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Let’s Talk About Serenity’s Monumentally Stupid Twist Ending

Serenity is not an easy film to review. It isn’t an easy film to review not because it’s good - it’s most certainly terrible - but because it’s inextricably entwined with an absurdly awful twist ending. Director Steven Knight (Locke) crafts a delightfully trashy noir throwback that is both fun and immensely watchable, but demolishes it with a bafflingly stupid plot twist that has to be seen to be believed. Let’s take a deeper look at 2019’s most batshit movie so far, and see if you agree with me. Major spoilers ahead for Serenity…

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