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10 Modern Horror Gems You Can Stream Right Now

Halloween may be long over, but there’s no bad time to put on a good old-fashioned horror flick. Many have said that horror is a dying genre, and that modern horror can’t hold a candle to the terrors of the past. To those people, I say: you’re not looking hard enough. Not only is the genre thriving, but many of its underseen standouts are just a click away. Today, in no particular order, we’re bypassing the genre mainstays with some under-appreciated gems from the modern era you can stream right now. Although this post is not sponsored in any way, many of the films on this list can be found on the relatively new horror streaming service, Shudder. If you’re a horror fan, Shudder gives the most bang for your buck with a diverse library of frights and thrills at a fraction of the cost of Netflix or Hulu. Onto our list…

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